I understand you’re too busy to research before buying!

That’s why I created this blog to help you to select the best one smoothly and spend your precious time on other productive things.

In a Pics is the place where you’ll find an in-depth discussion about any product which can help you to pick the right one. I’ll try to bring you the most friendly and reliable products with great features and stability. Before referring to you, I do a lot of research, test and check the products.

Our Latest Reviewed Products

In this blog, I’ll cover some detail about Kitchen & Home, Health & Fitness, Sports & Outdoor, Tools & Electronics essentials from my experience. Some of these are...

Your Dream Kitchen Starts Here!

In my little corner of the internet, I’ll introduce you with some important appliances and their features with few tips & tricks to use and maintain them.

Building a Healthy Kitchen!

A Guide to Finding the Best Pasta Maker for You

Nowadays Pasta is a major staple in any kitchen. Its versatility and neutrality made him major staple food in ...



Every domestic worker wants to diversify his family's food. And the easiest way to do this is with meat. One of the most ... 


Discover The Top 8 Ring Mold for Eggs Reviewed

Egg might be the most favorite and frequently eaten food all over the world. Egg lover like me will be very glad to ...

Outdoor Recreational Activities of Today's!

In this part of my blog, I’ll present you detail about some of sport and outdoor equipment like: Longboard, Skateboard, Ripstik, Bike, Trampoline etc. You can select the perfect one for you in no time.

Outdoor Activities for Kids & Adult!

Finding The Best Balance Bike for Your Kids

NRiding balance bike is lots of fun and source of joy. Balance bike looks very simple, but when the question is about choosing ...  


A Guide to Finding The Best Trampoline for You!

 If you are concerned about your fitness and your family and especially about your kids but all of you don’t have enough time to ...


A Detailed Overview of Longboard for Beginners

Nowadays longboarding is a thrilling passion to the younger generation. You can ride across the streets, markets, campus ...

Fitness Tips and Strategies From the Experts!

Health is wealth! If you are health conscious and want to have some exercise equipment but can’t understand which one will be good for you, you can go through my blog to get the basic idea.

Fitness Tips for Healthy Living!

How to Use Back Massager Effectively

learn How to Use your Back Massager Effectively

Nothing is better than a back massager to get rid of the back pain and neck pain. Most of the people at their old age  


How Compact Home Gym Provides a Full Body Workout

Compact gym equipment is basically All in one gym machine where we get more than one option of exercises. But ...


How to Use Foot Massager Machine | Foot Massage

We all know about the benefits of foot massage. Generally, most people take foot massage as a part of relaxation. But ...

How to Use Manual Treadmill to Lose Weight

Healthy living should be the primary concern of all human being. The life expectancy of a healthy person is 10 years more than the life expectancy of an unhealthy person. Every person should run daily to live a healthy life.

Small Exercise Room Design Ideas

We are so busy to make our task done according to our daily schedules. It is so thought to get extra time to go to the gym and have some routine workout.

Nelly Hal
Nelly Hal

Welcome to my blog! I’m Nelly Hal, love to cook eat food and try to stay fit! In my early life, I’ve faced many difficulties to get the right kitchen or exercising tools or equipment as I didn’t have any idea about choosing the perfect one! Now I manage time to research before purchasing. That helps me to avoid buying unnecessary things in most cases.

I know many of you don’t have that much time! So here I am, with all my experience to share my knowledge with you.

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