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Nelly Hal


Nelly Hal Founder

Hi, I am Nelly Hal, people call me a gadget freak, some even consider me lazy! My enthusiasm (read dependency) towards machines to ease up my like is what is the reason behind it. However, this is what I do! I earn my living working in an electronic store. I love using devices to do my personal care, DIY interior, fitness, and every other thing you can imagine!

About Inapics

Inapics is literally a notebook for me, where I mention all about my latest buy, ideas, thoughts, and even reviews! Yes, that’s possible because I do a lot, a lot of research and digging before spending money on anything. So, you can practically rely on my write-ups that they do not just tell tales. My journey with this site started during 2015

What is its Content?

So, this is what inapics is. Its contents are multi categorized and include basic information of various electronics, devices, machines, power tools, and so on. Inapics also deals with troubleshooting common issues relevant to regularly used machinery, tips for maintaining, buying, using properly and a huge part is reviewing various gadgets and tools. 

Why Rely on Inapics?

Inapics is reliable because it is practical. My practical knowledge, experience, and issues help me to grow and develop expertise in using, fixing, and buying gadgets and tools. So practically, there is no option that this site will tell you something that doesn’t exist in reality. 

For example, there is no ‘best’ in terms of manmade goods, all have some issues one way or another. Inapics reviews the goods, point out their flaws (if found), and let you decide your preferred numbers. Similarly, when inapics talk about some latest gadgets or DIY tips to fix broken items, those are also practical solutions or hot trends. 


To be honest, we don’t have the same experience in life with the same product. So, there is no guarantee that your share of experience after following my tips or guidelines will be always the same as mine. If you have any better idea or experienced a bitter incident, please don’t hesitate to reach me. I am willing to know and upgrade my articles based on your opinion as well.

Nelly Hal
Founder, Inapics

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Inapics Pvt. Ltd.
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It’s Nelly Hal …… here, the person behind inapics and an enthusiastic about gadgets and power tools. I also run an electronic shop. Inapics is my little platform to showcase my knowledge about every gadget I know. Here, all your questions are answered, problems solved and guidelines are shared regarding any gadget or tools.