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Hi! I’m Nally Hal. I’m a nurse by profession. In my professional life, I found that most people suffer from illness for their unhealthy lifestyle.

If you have got a habit of exercise or take part in any kind of sports and eat healthy food, possibility of visiting hospital decrease a lot.

For physical fitness, you must exercise regularly. You can add 30 minutes of walking in your daily routine as a regular exercise. You will get a great result from this practice.

You can also use fitness equipment for exercise. In that case, you must have proper knowledge of equipment. If you get the wrong equipment, it may result opposite.

A healthy food habit also helps you to stay fit. Beside healthy food habit, you must know about the positive & negative side of the kitchen utensils you use. Because some utensils may use harmful material which is dangerous for health. So before buying, you should know about the material.


To serve my patients the best, I have to research a lot about food, kitchen, sports, health and fitness. And gradually this become my regular task before buying anything for my personal or family use. It saves my money and help me to avoid any bitter experience.

But I know, most of you don’t have enough time to do the research! So I’ve decided to share my experience with you to practice a healthy lifestyle. Because we all know- “Precaution is Better Than Cure”.

Through inapics.com, I will try to give you a proper review with the advantages and disadvantages of the gadget or gear I’ve researched and used. You can read my step by step guideline and take a decision about whether you need the accessories or not.

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If you have something new in your mind feel free to write me. If it goes with my research I will try my best to give you the proper information.


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