The Basic Tips to Make a Video Professionally

Basic Tips to Make a Video Professionally

How to start? What to do? What elements are needed? In this issue, you will find basic tips to make a video for your blog professionally updated 2020 method and start shooting today!!

Items You Need to Make Videos

  • A video camera or a webcam;
  • Software or online service for editing videos;
  • Software or online service to distribute video.

The Camera

Videos can be obtained directly from your camera and then upload them to your computer or you can burn the video directly to your computer with the built-in webcam or external vehicles.

The advantage of shooting with the webcam is that it is very easy to do and do not need extra elements to take your filming.

Professional video camera

Videos can be very diverters to watch them, but the reality is that take a long time editing and production, but I recommend (unless you want to record a very basic video for your vlog) to discard the option of shooting with the built-in your laptop camera because they are of poor quality and have little or no editing possibilities.

If I recommend you use the best vlogging camera 2017 you have at your disposal. Then you can upload the videos to your computer by connecting directly or through the memory card, the same way you upload your photos.

Video Edition

You have two options: Publishers of online video, or video editing software on your computer. Both of have their advantages and disadvantages. The editors of online video as the bringer embedded Youtube is pretty basic but practical, with which you can improve the video quality, make cuts, add captions, delete movement etc.

My favorite editors of the computer, basic but very practical and very commonly used are:

Windows Movie Maker:  Simple, practical, with several tools from which you can add formats, music, sound, speech, pictures in combination with videos, subtitles, and presentation. It is free and is excellent for a start to beginners.

 Apple iMovie: It is an excellent choice for those who have a Mac machine is very good quality and allows a variety of issues, cuts, aggregates, etc.

Distribute Video

How is it achieved that our video is seen by other people? Basically, there are two ways: using an online distributor, such as YouTube, or put the video on your own web server (if you have one). YouTube is convenient, easy and convenient, it’s fast, has much scope, longevity and more reputable online (YouTube is not going bankrupt in the short term, but you never know with smaller companies).

Youtube allows you to place your video public or “unlisted” or unlisted through which only people with a link to the video can view it or private and only users you approve can see it. You can also create your channel, which you can place the same name of your blog so that you identify faster (beware because you have the option to integrate your YouTube account with your Google+ account, but if you do go away thy name Youtube and it will be replaced by your Google+ name).

The videos are uploaded to Youtube can then be inserted very easily in our blog via the embed code the same Youtube provides, to get it you must click on the “Share” and then click “insert” and then “copy and paste” on your blog. In addition to you can also send it to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, directly from there.

Make a Video for Vlogging

Video blogging or vlog, is proving to be one of the main branches of fastest growing social networks, videos are very popular, one of the preferred ways to learn things by network users, and an area that bloggers we must consider very seriously to exploit and thus grow according to the needs of the market, constantly growing, constantly moving, trends are marking us the way forward.

It may not be for everyone, so I said vlogging is not for me! But there is room for everything and everyone in this world, being creative can find ways to do so while preserving our style and personality.

The videos are an excellent tool to enrich our blogs, making them more versatile, varied and fun.

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