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There is scarcely any other sport that is non-motorized and so adventurous at the same time. Longboarding is the kind of adventure sport that involves break-neck speed and downhill rush. And there lies the risk of that exhilarating fun ride. You can fall anytime resulting a serious head injury and it is likely to happen off and on while loandboarding. The best and safest way is to use a helmet that can provide you with the thrill and ecstasy along with keeping your head unhurt. Only an extra-ordinary and best longboard helmet can give you that level of protection.

To select a premium quality helmet from the myriads of products in the heavy-duty sport store, you have to undertake an expedition into the world of longboarding blogs, sites, and forums. If you don’t have that flex of time, this review article can come to your immense help. This guide will equip you with the basic features and advanced benefits of the best head safety gear.

Comparison Table of Editor's Choices

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Top 5 Helmet for Longboarding And Skateboarding Reviews

1. Ball Sanction Downhill Longboard Helmet

Bell Sanction Helmet for Longboarding

This is the most popular skating helmet featuring multiple vents, intelligent design, and Ball exclusive styles. Along with the said features, this head safety gear is affordable at a budget price comparing with other helmets. This is the reason Ball Sanction Downhill have gone wildly popular both with pro and amateur longboarders. Ball Corporation has produced and marketed the largest number of helmets and stands out for its unseen before acceptance among the longboarders.

The signature feature of Ball Sanction Helmet features as more as fifteen vents to invite the soothing and comfortable air flow while riding. This is an intelligent combination of experience and technological knowledge. And the design is fabulously convenient as it can withstand numerous crashes keeping the head in the safe side. A full-face helmet is the go of the day as it is urgent to save your face along with the head skull.  Ball Helmet is a distinction in this connection.

The outer surface can very easily and successfully bar the fall-shock from reaching the head. The exterior features hand-laminated fiberglass and the visor is transparent and adjustable. It is quiet able to pass the ordeal of longboarding abuse caused by amateurish mistakes and expert risks.

What we liked

  • Available in three convenient size – small, medium, and large;
  • Specially preferred by the parents of the kids;
  • Certified by CE EN1078 and CPSC;
  • Designed for BMX, Super-D, and mountain bicycles too;
  • Can meet any personal demand.

What we didn't like

  • No noticeable con.

2. Pro-Tec Classic Skate Helmet

Pro-Tec - Classic Certified Skate Helme

It is both an able protection for the head and pro-technology helmet. The eleven vents offer the most comfortable air flow releasing the riders from all inhibitions and ensuring a sweat-free ride. The multiple vents allow considerable ventilation to fight sweat and stench wherefrom it comes.

The vents are planned and strategically set in the body of the helmet. So they can ventilate fresh air but never force the safety guard to fly away. Besides this venting, the pro-tec exclusive plush sweat-wicking fabric comes as a rare gift for riding in humid weather. The EPS cushion containing this fabric blot any amount of perspiration remaining after a air-dry ride.

Pro-tec is also a company like Ball Sanction that put customer feedback higher than all other factors. This is the reason they replace their soft-cushion head safety guard with EPS cushion. They listened to the customers and responded with unlimited and intelligent technological applications. The wow result has culminated into this ultimate head safety solution.

Helmet of any material and design will go futile if not fit snugly to the head size. Pro-tec, with countless scientific tests, has combined ABS exterior and EPS thick cushion to ensure adventure sport comfort and essential fit. It comes with a CPSC/CE certification for its all-out service and protection to the riders. The only upside, not addressed, is the lack of a faceguard.

What we liked

  • All these attractive features at an affordable price;
  • Provide head safe in multiple ways;
  • Dedicated venting and cushioning;
  • Sweat-free ride;
  • Comfortable and protective fit.

What we didn't like

  • Lack of visor risks facial damage at falls.

3. TSG Pass Pro Carbon Graphic Design - Helmet for Skate

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TGS Pass is one of the premium quality and highly priced helmets in this review article. The price is hefty comparing with the other helmets offering basic features. But the above-the-basic features and advantages of TGS helmet make up for the high price.

 This is the production of the direct supervision of veteran racing professionals. They design and engineer this product with multilayered fiberglass outer surface that absorbs medium and strong shock.

The alluring aerodynamic design features a faceguard that puts a pin-proof bar against the drastic air-tossing affect. The high velocity winds against a downhill rush may abrasively affect the facial part but the TGS exclusive visor comes to the rescue.

The exclusiveness of the visor is that it facilitates the rider with a clearer and wider view of the surroundings. On the inner side, the overwhelmingly intelligent exhalation design removes the fogging over the visor glass caused by inhalation. It is done to emphasize the clearer exterior view. The veteran longboarders have taken care so that the riders can enjoy the surrounding noise while riding. This TGS version helmet comes with air holes to make riding more live and adventurous.

What we liked

  • Best longboard helmet product;
  • Anti-fogging exhalation design;
  • More and wider exterior view;
  • Available with four colours and three sizes.

What we didn't like

  • A hefty price stands in the way of budget buyers;
  • Vulnerable to crashes.

4. S-One Lifer CPSC

S-ONE Lifer CPSC - Multiple Impact - CPSC Certified

S-one Lfer CSPC is an S-One Corporation helmet product that has symbolically declared skull bone safety to be their goal. For a safer adventure ride, a longboarder should have a helmet equipped with premium quality exterior with a cast fiberglass. This fiber protection is a shock absorber as any hit becomes half-weakened by it.  The foamy interior too is an impact blocker and thick enough to save the skull.

This is designed to fit snugly over the skull bone endowed with the max protectiveness with minimum load. The faceguard offesr a wider outside vision. Though it features less vents, the traditional soft cushion features an added venting for amateur riders.

Customers testify it to be a safe, comfortable, better fit, and durable helmet even after several falls. It offers fashionable designs with four different sizes – small, medium, large, and extra-large. Each size takes their fair share of foam to fit conveniently. Another feature that is left unsung is its lightweight materials. Going light is a great convenience for a helmet as you can’t enjoy riding with a heavy head.

S-One Lifer is a combo of protection and fashion but shares some upsides too. It is not a full face helmet and comes with no face-guard. So users might suffer from some facial abrasions. But young riders take this open-face feature as a deal maker and go for it. 

What we liked

  • Fashionable and comfortable;
  • Cast fiberglass exterior protection;
  • Thickly cushioned interior protection and fit.

What we didn't like

  • Lack of a faceguard or visor.

5. Triple 8 Racer Full Face Helmet

Triple 8 Downhill Racer Helmet

This is a combo of shock absorbing design, style, and function. The goal its manufacturer set while building Triple 8 Racer is to fight a speed-oriented longboarding. Longboarder out for deriving uncalled for exhilaration should opt for this Racer helmet without thinking twice. This is the helmet to make you enjoy the thrill of downhill rush, feel of vitality to the knees, and the unparallel feel of freedom. That type of a skating is possible only when you are accompanied with a helmet ensuring superlative protection.

Racer 8 dares the downhill speed and falling down with its light weight and added visibility. Moreover, it features a shatter prevention visor and the exclusive aerodynamic design enabling the riders to go wild with racing. The fit to the skull is overemphasized by the extra-thick foam with velvet lining. The light weight backed by tight-fit grabbing multiplies the thrill of boarding.

The protection statement is evident from the CPSC and ASTM certificate. This certification with the CE EN 1078 score heroically fights the falls imminent form a break-neck longboarding speed. It covers from head down to chin that is the full face guard a helmet can merely be opted for.

What we liked

  • Chin to head covering;
  • EPS liner inner protection;
  • Dual certification;
  • Custom change visor;
  • Super fit for downhill rides.

What we didn't like

  • Limited color choices;
  • Lack of ventilation inspires fogging.

Longboarding Helmet is A Must-take Gear

Comparing with the skateboarding, longboarding offers less flexible ride, a feel of vitality to the knees, and an addictive thrill.  But it entails more head injuries as longboarders encounter frequent falls risking head shock. Let’s explore the varied reasons why this head safety gear is a must-take option.

Unlike skateboards, longboard tracks are busy publick streets, by roads, slope, downhill trail, and other thoroughfares. That type of longboarding pathways is vulnerable to falls causing severe injuries like – fracture in skull bones, hemorrhages, and other grievous brain wounds. An informed longboard deal can enable you rest assured of releasing inhibitions at higher speed.  So longboard helmet is must but the gear must be featured with the demanding parameters.

Buying Guide

Helemt refers to a gear that primarily ensures skull protection. Whatever riding you are on or adventure sport you are after, you must ensure your protection with a quality, professionally designed, and well fit helmet. But you have by now are well aware of the fact that longboarding helmets offer than merely safety now. Let’s go for the fundamental features and latest designs of a injury-proof head gear.

Basic Features:

Helmet Fit

The fitting comes to the first consideration when purchasing a helmet. A loose helmet will fly off at high speed leaving you exposed to grievous head and face injuries. Top 5 longboard helemets suggested there are all snugly fit to the riders of any size.


Now a day, full face helmet is the trend setter in the longboarding industry. While it gives overall protection form facial and skull injuries, it comes with fogging problem. That causes the visor fogged barring the full outside view. Nearly all the helmets recommended in this guide are profusely vented. Well ventilated helmets keep you free from the sweat while riding.

Intelligent Cushion

The good helmet padding is responsible for comfort and absorbing sweat. Top quality skull safety gear comes with thickly padded quality foam to absorb seat to let you ride comfortably. Moreover, quality cushion keeps the interior stench free. The interior foaming of most of the helmets reviewed in this guide presents the hard black material – expanded polystyrene EPS

Exterior  Shell

Exterior of a helmet is crucial to absorb hit but it must be made with quality materials. The fiber and premium-grade plastic are the two materials mostly used to make the outer surface of a helmet. But the fiber-made shells are superior to other as it can absorb more power.

Retention System

The skull of a rider can’t retain a helmet glued to it. To keep the helmet snugly attached to the skull, a chin strap is necessary. So the system of retaining the helmet attached even at high speed is known to be retention system.  Full face head gears come with that retention system.

Ratings and Certifications

You can judge the standard of a helmet by ratings of and certifications from concerned authorities. The authorities are CPS, SNELL, and DOT. Helmets certified by the said authorities offer comfort, control (Chin strap), and protection. All the preferences here possess either or all the certifications.

When downhill rush is the goal that involves speed wobbles, the selections in this guide are the right options to go for. This is the standard of protection longboarder and skateboarders invest money in.


How can longboarding and skate boarding helmet differ?

Skateboarders run only on the grounds fixed for skating and so entails risk minimum falls. When a fall occur, it does not cause severe injury for skateboarding is a moderate speed ride. So a moderate helmet backed by CPSC and CE rating will do for skateboarding.

On the contrary, longboarders can’t help opting for riding on the public streets, downhill slopes, and so on. The rider faces nerve-racking speed to feel exhilaration and freedom of heart. So a fall there must be grievous that need the best protection coming from a full face helmet. This  helmet should come with the backing of all the certifications and advanced treatment like anti fogging system.

Why crushable lining is crucial?

A helmet should have the ability to absorb shock that can crush the brain skull or can crush the brain without harming the skull. The lining crushable is impact-resistant foam lining to bar crushable hit or shock. EPS – expanded polystyrene lining inside a quality helmet protects the brain and skull from sudden shock.

Can brain damage happen without a skull fracture?

Obviously, it can happen. It is likely to happen in longboarding when the speed is brain-racking. A fiberglass outer shell can well protect your skull in a fall but it may not save your brain if not the helmet is backed by a lining crushable foam-padding. 

Wrap Up

Helmets are a safety guard gear to use while any kind of riding. To go simple, we can categorize it into two types relating what is the intended boarding. If you just cruise around I the fixed skateboarding tracks, a open-face haedsafety gear can serve you to the full. But if you need one to accompany you in a crazy and thrilling hill slope rush, you can go fine only with a multi-impact helmet.

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