Best Longboard Trucks | 5 Picks for Cruising, Freeriding, & Downhill Thrill

Longboarding is the popular most variations of the outstanding adventure sport called skateboarding. It is the extreme skating ride that people derives the intensest exhilarations and gaming ecstasy from -in its every form- namely Cruising, Freeriding and Downhill speed rush. Whatever the longboarding games you want to practice or master, the board components must be the industry-grade. Therefore, the right and best longboard trucks are the most crucial component for any longboard to ride ably, stably and swiftly.

One thing is very basic for any and all kinds of sports are that the greatest fun and benefit come only when it is played with the best equipment. After that, comes the expertise of the sportsman that too is backed by the premium quality instrument of that particular game. And without the right longboard trucks, you can no way have the best skating instrument for cruising, sliding, freeride, and downhill adventure.

But the best trucks for longboarding are determined by what the type of skating you want it for. After that, you just need to know a little bit of geometry to weed out the wrong ones and grab your fit. This is the reason we covered all the crucial factors of what a truck mechanism includes the informative parts of this longboard truck review guide. And finally, we have suggested top 5 products of longboard trucks highly recommended by the professionals and most admired by the customers.



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Gullwing Sidewinder II

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Paris V2 180mm

9 pounds

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Bear by Landyachtz Grizzly 852

2 pounds

11 x 5 x 5 inches 

Caliber Trucks Cal II

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5 Best Longboard Trucks Reviews for - Cruising, Freeriding, & Downhill Thrill

1. Gullwing Sidewinder II Longboard/Skateboard Trucks

Gullwing Sidewinder Trucks offer a set of two trucks. To our utter surprise, Gullwing trucks present a customizable baseplate. To get clearer, it offers two kingpins and so two pivot points. When joined and enforced by two kingpins, it gives us the carving scarce in the skateboarding scene. The cool and smooth ride has a match with the surfing and snowboarding. 

This is the reason Gullwing Sidewinder has taken the skateboarding market by storm and it has been the flagship product of Gullwing. The two pivot points will turn even a novice into a super freerider as they can ride faster and sharper than any regular truck longboard.

Editor's Choice

You can enjoy the custom baseplate slant as you can remove the middle one that will give stable height and hard bushing will give the rigid turning. Besides the custom slant height, it provides you the wider board maneuverability and added stability.

With Gullwing Sidewinder, you rule over all the longboarding orientations – Cruising to carve at need, freeriding to exercise flexibility to show tricks and stunts, and the most stable, safest, and able downhill exhilaration.

2. Paris V2 180mm 50° Longboard Skateboard Trucks (Set of 2)

Paris V2 Amanda Powell is the upgrade version of original Paris Raw Trucks. The components that work out the mechanism of this longboard trucks are branded grade coming with this latest version of Paris Amanda. The bushing seat offers the excellent clearance to carve with even more freedom to have a cool and smooth ride. And the bushing is featured with the 90A hardness that offers the vibration-resistant ride.

The reverse kingpin offers the 50-degree baseplate slant inviting freeriders to emulate the techsliding, tailwhips, and downhill with ease.

The stronger than regular and 180mm hangar will endow the rider with the stability needed to embark upon a downhill and the reverse kingpin maneuverability will help exercise tricks and protection while cruising and freeriding. Backed by this stronger-build and wider hanger, the harder urethane bushing will allow the longboarder to cross over the track strewn with debris.

Paris is so confident about the quality and durability of their product that they have declared a lifetime warranty for the product. With such feature-rich and excellently designed truck, you are more than likely to excel in all the longboarding orientations.

Isn't it a worth-grabbing opportunity no to miss it?

3. Yocaher LONGBOARD Skateboard TRUCKS COMBO set w/ 71mm

Yocaher Longboard Trucks is a worthy part of this review guide with basic and advanced features of a premium grade truck. Let me explain, why.

As longboard mechanism, it is among the best but all the trucks included in this review guide feature at least an above-the-common design. But Yocaher doesn't.

Still, this truck falls into the unique category by virtue of its being a combo of a pair of 71mm wheels and the black trucks. On its top, the signature trait of Yocaher longboard truck is the affordability. They have captured longboarding market with the high-end product at a low-end price.

 Moreover, the 175mm long kingpin offers the riding elasticity and the 9.75 inches wide truck will match a wider deck of 10inches to the least. That breadth of a truck conveniently allows you to pick the downhill speed and at the same time lets you excel at freeriding and cruising.

4. Bear by Landyachtz Grizzly 852 Longboard Trucks

This is another truck mechanism emerged with the unique feature that can mount the truck in two reverse ways. One setting is facing the board end and the other is turning to the center end.

It is somewhat very close to the double setting kingpin of Gullwing. There too the two truck settings reward the rider with two platform heights – i) stable at the lower radius turning with the center-facing kingpin orientation and ii) flexible at higher radius turning with the board-end kingpin orientation.

This is an above-the-industry-grade design to offer versatility so that longboarders of any variations opt for this unique truck mechanism. With Bear Grizzly Truck, you can both master the tricks, flips, and carvings and show amazing skating feats like an expert master longboarder. 

Finally, a truck designed to support you for all the riding styles ranging from downhill speed to professional-grade freeriding is a go-to option.

5. Caliber Trucks Cal II 50° RKP Longboard Trucks

Another company-standard flagship product of longboard truck is Caliber 50 RKP Trucks. What makes it a party to the best longboards trucks review is the reverse kingpin facility and more than a regular breadth of the truck – 184.

The reverse kingpin will bring the cruising and freeriding smoothness and wider truck will supply the stability and momentum. The rarer combination - of the bigger baseplate slant, wider even than the regular wide size, ultra-hard bearings, and above all the brushed aluminium built- has rendered it the beside-the-basic status.

These are the features to make special mention of and all other features are industry-grade as well. I have avoided being verbose about those premium-grade but common features as these are very well-covered elsewhere in the several sections of this article. 

All the Key Components of a Longboard Truck Mechanism

It is rightly described when we address the longboard truck as a mechanism rather than a single longboard component. This mechanism is the combination of six parts – baseplate, kingpin, hangar, axle, bushing, and riser (optional).


This is a thick and flat metal piece that combines the truck with the deck. It usually has 6 or 4 mounting holes through which the screws clamp the board with the truck. The plate is engineered with the purpose of applying more pressure on the board essential for riding. 


The kingpin is the most crucial part of a longboard truck. It holds the major parts of the truck together. Kingpins are replaceable and so don't require a whole truck installment if the pin is broken. This joining bolt is of two categories – Traditional Kingpin and Reverse Kingpin.   

Traditional or Standard Kingpin: This type of kingpin faces the center of the board and sits by a smaller angle with the baseplate. The angle common between a traditional kingpin and a baseplate ranges 40-44 degrees. This orientation of the truck slant makes the board closer to the ground. The longboard with traditional kingpin truck enjoys more stability but suffers from stiffness and wheel bite at turns and twists.

A longboard having a traditional kingpin truck is a preference for downhill longboarding where the board rushes down the hill with break-neck speed and requires the best stability to avoid mishaps.

Reverse Kingpin: Reserve kingpin sits facing the board-ends and maintains a bigger truck-deck angle than that of the traditional kingpin. And a bigger angle raises the board higher. Thus reverse angle lessens the friction or corrosion between the wheels and the boards.

It increases the maneuverability of longboard and the border can exercise even more control while riding with speed. Cruising to weave through the busy urban streets and freeriding to play more tricks and showing amazing stunts are done by longboard having a reverse kingpin truck.


Bushings are rubber cushions vary in hardness to provide the board different level of reactions to affect the ride. Reverse kingpin takes both softer and harder bushings to exercise command over taking turns and twist and traditional kingpins match with a harder bushing to keep the downhill rush on track. Harder bushing offers stiffer turns and less flexibility. Each truck comes with two bushing one sits in the pin hole and the other sits in the pivot cup where the pointed hanger end rests.


This is the T-shaped metal alloy beam that holds two pieces of axles to its ends. Those axle rods hang the longboard wheels. This is actually the body of the truck that bears with the tension and pressure of longboarding.  


A longboard truck is well complete without a riser. It is an optional part of the truck mechanism necessary only when you need to raise the height of the board for enhanced maneuverability and flexibility. Besides increasing the board's height, it resists vibration while riding. A longboard riser sits between the baseplate and the board and is available at a nominal price.

Longboarding Levels or Orientations Define the Truck Type

Longboarding itself is a variation of skateboarding and it has three popular orientations – Cruising, Freeriding, and Downhill. It is the kingpin nailing the truck body parts together that plays the most crucial role for that variety in longboarding.  Let's examine truck type each variation needs.

Cruising Trucks

Cruising is what a longboarder does in the city sidewalks and even in public streets. You need to cut through the traffic and passers-by and to do that you take turns and twists frequently. Therefore, a cruising longboard should have a truck endowed with a reverse kingpin. The reverse kingpin offers bigger angle and highly raised platform to ensure the flexibility and control while skating. That flex and control will enable you to enjoy the lean and apply tricks needed for the dexterity a cruising board merits. But a traditional kingpin can give the needed cruising control if the deckboard features a kicktail.

Besides the bigger 50 degrees angle between the kingpin and baseplate, four softer bushings are also needed to enable the kingpin to response to the turns and swiftness.

Freeriding Trucks

The difference between freeriding and cruising is the freedom the rider enjoys in freeriding. In cruising, a rider exercises the flex when needed whereas in freeriding the flex and control are applied at will. This willful longboarding includes – tailwhips, sliding, techsliding, manuals, and a slight downhill. So here the boarder comes with a towering expertise to take the extreme advantage that a high-raised platform and flexible kingpin presents.

 In freeriding too, the longboarder needs softer bushings and reverse kingpin and a traditional kingpin is a deal breaker in this case. But most freeriders choose the lower angle between the kingpin and the baseplate – 40-45 is their chosen angle range. They think this angle is fit for the stability and smoothness they need while taking aggressive turns.

Downhill Trucks

This variation of longboarding merits the stability and safety to be superior to all other conveniences. Downhill rush involves nearly the highest and unstoppable speed encountering less curving, turns, and road break. So the most important longboarding factor is riding stability that a traditional kingpin with harder bushing can provide with. That kingpin will ensure a longboard to rest closer to the ground and so even more stability. A regular truck with a traditional kingpin offers reduced speed wobbles.  Along with that, the harder bushing will restrict the twisting and turning capacity of the board crucial for avoiding downhill mishaps.

But expert longboarders prefer the opposite as they think the downhill longboard truck should be more responsive to exercise maneuverability and flexibility to prevent mishaps. They give more importance to the safety gears – helmet, knee and elbow pads – more than the stability factors.

Truck Width

The geometry of another part of the truck is critical along with the one of board and kingpin angle. That is the width of the deck board – 150mm and 180mm - two available widths of longboarding deck. The board breadth will determine the breadth of the truck and they should share the equal breadth. The thinner board will match the 150mm truck and the broader one will match the 180mm.

How to Choose the Best Longboard Trucks for Cruising, Freeriding, and Downhill?

To make the long story short, I can confidently advise you to go for any of the longboard trucks reviewed here and you will end up making a good deal. Because you will notice with extreme surprise that three of the five truck products offer unique and extra-ordinary feature – Gullwing Sidewinder, Paris V2 Amanda, and Bear Grizzly. But they claim near the regular truck price.

In line with their fellow guide member in this article, the other two trucks present no extra-ordinary design but come with the truck mechanism backed by upgrade RKP kingpin, quality pivot point, and high-quality bushing. They too assert a reasonable price.

So go for any of the trucks to enjoy any variation of longboarding as all the five products are designed to the most versatile. And the materials used by the manufacturers are of industry-grade. If you are an expert level boarder, take the trucks with unique engineering and the starter should opt for the other high-quality trucks only lacking an extraordinary feature. 


What are the materials of longboard trucks?

As many as four materials are used to make a longboard truck. They include aluminum alloy for the hangar, iron for kingpin, baseplate, and axle, and for the bushing rubber and urethane.

Does geometry determine the type of longboarding?

Yes, to a certain extent. The amount of slant between the kingpin and baseplate or longboard determines the riding convenience. The more angle the truck offers, the more flexible will be the ride. The highest angle is 50ᵒ and 40ᵒ is the lowest.

The second geometry is the width of the truck and the deck should be equal. The traditional or available widths are 150mm for tiny board and 180 for the larger one. Some manufacturers offer deck ever wider now.

What are the two stand-out features of Bear Grizzly and Gullwing Sidewinder?

Gullwing Sidewinder is marked by the unique feature of coming with two kingpins. That extra-ordinary design enables the Gullwing Sidewinder owner to go freeriding and cruising with a raised height supported by two kingpins. You can enjoy a stable and closer-to-the-ground downhill ride with the middle pin removed.

And Bear Grizzly features two orientations truck kingpin – by mechanism is very close to one another. There too the platform height will increase when the kingpin faces the board ends and thus provide more flexible riding. And the trucks set to face board center will cut the riding height matching speedy and safe downhill rush.

Wrap Up

You are reading the concluding part of the article now means that you have by now read rest of the article. So you have known everything about the longboard truck mechanism and part by part orientations of the same.

One thing must have surprised you that several products reviewed here present such mechanical designs that are yet to be accepted as the standard features or they are far ahead of the time. That is the sign of fast-forwarding skateboarding industry. With them, it has been now possible to accomplish any longboarding with a single truck.

Now it's totally up to you whether you go for industry-grade trucks or the innovative trucks. With the best longboard trucks, you are now most welcome to go ahead-of-the-time unique feature or to go industry-level premium features.  

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