Best Motorized Skateboard for Beginners 2021 (Affordable)

Making a deal of electric or motorized skateboard is a bit trickier than one runs without any power backing. Given the onward march of evolutions of skateboards since its invention in mid nineteenth-century, the electric skateboards are the most upgraded skateboard variations. And it has added several features to the traditional parts and features of this instrument.

The inclusion of the parts are the motor, battery, brake, and the added features embrace the riding mode, climbing capability, and some advanced preferable digital and technological characteristics. Therefore, finding best motorized skateboard is more critical than picking a man-driven one. But a thorough research on the root and advanced features; and essential parts can cut your selecting pain down to a significant extent.

We have conducted a thorough research on all the latest and industry-grade motorized skateboards, to well trace out the latest additions introduced by the trusted manufacturers. And our analyzing has found that while purchasing an electric skateboard, you should look into the Deck materials, wheel quality, motor, battery, speed and acceleration, range, riding mode, climbing capability, braking system, weight capacity and above all a comprehensive warranty statement. A skateboard answering for the entire said factors is the best electric skateboard in the market. 

So far pricing is involved, the thumb rule goes like that “you get what you pay for”. You will have a motor skateboard ranging from $200 up to $1000 plus. While the cheaper one will present compromised quality and lack of advanced features, this can be a good match for the kids, students, and adult beginners. Top 5 picks gathered in this review article are for who seek a skateboard at cheap, moderate, high, and exclusive price. The exclusive ones are a make up for the money and the cheaper and the moderate ones are just steal comparing with price payable.

1. Boosted Dual Motor (2nd Gen) Electric Skateboard

Boosted 2nd Gen Motorized Skateboard

Features at A Glance:

  • The most powerful motor in the market;
  • The super extended riding range – 14 miles;
  • 25% hill grade – top hill climbing capacity;
  • Durable and flexible material – 100% bamboo;
  • The large size 80-mm wheel diameter;
  • Lightweight 14-15 lbs;
  • Speed up to 22mph;
  • Regenerative braking system;
  • Rapid replace and fast-charging battery;
  • Max weight capacity of 250 lbs.

It needs no wordy explanation why it is termed to be the best electric skateboard. The root features above speak volume for the popularity it enjoys despite a high price. But the price seems more than a makeup as it is featured with all the basic and most advanced quality materials, durable construction, stout power support, and digital and technological backing.

You can cover the longest distance with the highest battery life. On top of that, the 22mph speed will take you to your destination at an incredible short span of time. The regenerative braking system will save the battery from fast drainage.  

Among the entire stand out features, the lightweight deserves the special mention as electric skateboard may stop midway when batteries dry suddenly. This issue is well-addressed by the replaceable and rapid-charging battery.

The giant power of the motor backed by the larger wheel size is a strong climbing ability if you want an uphill ride. The dual second generation motor with a 25% hill grade statement is just the proof that you carry any weight up slopes now.

And the max load capacity is 250 lbs. The only nominal upside is its length of 38” might cause trouble if needed to carry.

2. MEEPO Electric Skateboard & Longboard

Features at A Glance:

  • Power: 800 Watts
  • Top Speed: 29 mph
  • Board Weight: 16 lbs
  • Range: Up to 11 miles
  • Trucks: Shredder Trucks
  • Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Ride Modes: 4 Ride Modes
  • Wheels: 90 mm X 56mm 82A
  • Motors: 90 mm X 55mm 82A
  • Rider Weight Limit: 250 lbs

You are obviously noting the cut down features comparing to the first product description. But if you think of the price statement, these features will seem gifts. You can use Action Blink S as a mode of communication for commuting purposes to revolve around your school, work and home. The commuting associated features are – 29 mph speed a match for Public Street, 11 miles per charge range is sufficient to cover home-school-work up-down, and the lighter weight is a comfort when you are bound to carry it along.

Now look at the hill grade statement that is 15% enough to require climbing up hill backed by a 800-watts motor, durable deck board made of high-tensile wood, regenerative braking system, and rapid rechargeable battery.

The industry grade master truck can defiantly navigate the rough terrains, slopes, and rugged trails strewn with gravels, pebbles, and debris. The large size wheel is a huge support for the truck especially in climbing hills with speed. The three riding modes are singularly an exclusive feature to give a convenient ride for the rider who is trying to master tricks and also when end up being a master cruiser.

There is a noticeable flaw regarding the battery that renders the brakes weaker at lower charge.

3. OuchTek Portable Electric Skateboard for Adults & Teen

Features at A Glance:

  • Board Size: 27.6" x 8"
  • Skateboard Weight: 8.4 lbs (3.5KG)
  • Max Weight: 198Lbs
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery Standard Voltage: 24V
  • Battery Capacity: 2.2A
  • Range: 6 Miles (10KM)
  • Motor Max Power: 200W
  • Charger Input Voltage: AC100~240V
  • Charger Output Current: 1A
  • Charge Time: 2 Hours

It has earned two fabulous tags without huge time rolled by since the maiden market appearance. These tags are a family minivan and an electric scooter. It presents a wattage that may seem at the lower end of the electric skateboard standard but a skateboard to commute through the city streets and environs is superbly backed by that power support.

Like a scooter, this electric skateboard takes you to the suburbs and brings back home. And the larger wheel size shares the massive contact patch to keep least affected by the rugged roads and cracks.

It can cover a fabulous range of distance with a max longboarding speed. You can run up to 2 hours without charging for the second time. And while navigating through the uphill tracks, the braking can regenerate the fast-draining battery with friction heat converting into power energy.   

The LED light is an advanced digital application to keep you updated of the charge status on the go and the Bluetooth remote control can very ably accelerate the board speed.

The flaws are the sturdy board weight of 22 lbs – a too heavy weight to carry along comfortably- and the slow charge-loading span of almost 2 hours.

4. Maxfind Electric Skateboard Single Hub-Motor Longboard

Features at A Glance:

  • 38 Inch, only 12 lbs weight
  • Single 4500W brushless motor and premium samsung lithium ion battery
  • Size 83mm Hardness 85A polyurethane
  • What's in the box?
  • 1X Electric skateboard
  • 1X Wireless Remote Controller
  • 1x Instruct Manual
  • 1X Maintain Tool Kit
  • 1X Chager for the skateboard and remote

With such a feature statement, it deserves the best to be included in your buying consideration. You can run up to 10 miles with speed of 10mph and you can go 18 miles away from your station in an emergency case utilizing the max range capacity. This run up will be backed by a 500 watts single motor. This power backing and range will enable you to break uphill tracks. All the way gliding through the uphill track, the sturdy deck board will boast you with a 220 load hauling capacity.

What is more interesting that the downhill rush will be same exhilarating backed the large size polyurethane wheels. On top of that, these wheels can run defying the uneven plain roads too.

The astounding features are the lighter weight, rapid-recharging at an hour, and speed-maneuverable remote control. This is an electric skateboard designed anew keeping the earlier version upsides unaltered.  

The uphill sloth in speed is reported to be the only downside.

5. Smart LED Lights Electric Skateboard & Longboard by MUTTUS

Features at A Glance:

  • 450W Brushless Dual Motors
  • 200kg or 440 lbs Max Load Bearing
  • 25mph Max Speed, 22km Maximum Range
  • 4 Speed Mode, 30° Maximum Climbing
  • 36V 4.0Ah Battery, 2-3 Hours Charging
  • Lighting System :APP Music Customization
  • Polycarbonate, Crash-proof, Waterproof Board Material
  • Shock Resistance, The Most Flexible Deck, Removable and Changeable Motors

It features two motors supporting the power capacity with 450 watts each. This makes commuting very convenient for you. Moreover, you will be backed by a lithium-ion battery and the battery life statues will be in front of you on the LED screen.

And the towering feature is the massive air-filled tire sharing the biggest contact patch with the surface to ensure smoothness on any trail – rugged or even.

The remote is a great convenience for the beginner as they can control any throttle.  This convenience is enhanced by the anti-lock braking system for riding with safety.

Whereas the large weight load capacity is a great benefit, the weight mass of 200kg or 440 lbs Max Load Bearing.

Essential Features a Motor Skateboard Must Come With

The shortest possible considerations should be the wheels and trucks while opting for a motorized skateboard. But if you have enough time and have serious purpose to get served with, give time to scrutinize the following factors in brief already suggested to be the critical buying factors in the introduction. They are:

Deck Materials and Build

A skateboard and longboard deck means to be flexible and extremely durable at the same time. It should not be made of toughest wood not to flex and also should not be made of the saggy one to snap while riding. To address both the issues, you should go for the boards made of multi-layered quality wood.

The number of layers may vary with brands and deck designs and engineering, the popular wood layers range is 5-10. The manufacturers now a day adds other materials than wood to reinforce the deck resilience even more thanks to fiber glass the most efficient and popular of them.

Besides the board materials, the skateboard construction also should not escape your close inspection. In this regard, the truck geometry and wheel quality can capture the attention.

Wheel Standard 

The quality or standard of a skateboard wheels refer to the material formula applied to make. The most common longboard or skateboard wheel material is polyurethane. It is the key factor to determine the quality of the wheels. There are other geometry and considerations involved – the diameter, durometer (depend on the polyurethane proportion), size, shape, and core setting.

After the materials, these factors are crucial to ensure the quality of this skateboard component especially the one of motorized skateboard. The performance and quality of skateboard wheels mean the acceleration, speed, handling, and the overall riding feel it provides.  So far the size is involved; the skateboard wheel size should not be too small.


As you are considering for an electric skateboard, the motor should not avoid the list of your final scrutiny. It is the power, motor controller parameters, and gear ratios in it that influence the speed of the motor. You can go surprised as I haven’t mentioned the amount of wattage to be the crucial factor.

The motor can in no way make the torque pivot faster rather a high wattage motor can create hassle in the public street by causing louder noise. Therefore, opt for a motor with dedicated power backing and a dual motor in this regard should be your preference to the traditional one.


The battery is the most important part of a motorized skateboard and the best motorized skateboard means the one having the most powerful battery. Because what use having the best motor if the batteries dies mid-way.

The preferable battery option is lithium-ion battery to the lead-acid types. But don’t rest assured by opting for a lithium-ion charging option as the most crucial thing is how long can a battery run at a single charge. So see the battery strength before making the final selection. Different companies offer different battery lives. It is your look out to pick your match. If you want to cover long distance skateboarding, then go for the longest running battery.

Skateboard Speed

Electric skateboard speed is a serious factor to check out in the pre-purchase research. You must not choose a tortoise speed and also you should not go for the boards that run at a break-neck speed. The best solution in this case is to make a deal with the one having both the pro-speed and beginner-speed modes.

You can master the riding through riding at a beginner speed at the outset and shift to the pro-speed when gained sufficient command over the sports. The industry-grade speed range of electric skateboards is 22-24 mph. Therefore, advisable is to pick and chose the skateboard with custom speed control that enables to maneuver speed at your will.

Range of Skateboarding

What type of skateboarding do you prefer? Or do you want to test all types of riding? Will you be riding occasionally or frequently? These are questions you should answer to before taking an electric version of a skateboard. The best range is the 7-8 miles in skateboarding scene. If you want to ride more distance than that, you will badly be in need of a fast-charging battery. There are options of larger battery pack to go for. It is all your purpose and need that your range will be finalized on.

Mode of Riding

That is a bit covered while briefing on the skateboard speed section. Riding mode is completely related to the speed of a skateboard. See the Skateboard Speed part above.

Up Hill Climbing

The traditional skateboard has introduced a new dimension or style in riding and that is rushing downhill. There is skateboard or longboard intended for downhill longboarding. But an uphill skateboarding is the typical motorized skateboard play. It is impossible to ride uphill without an auto-powered skateboard.

As the electric skateboards are a latest longboarding addition, all the brands construct their product keeping this up rush in mind. But you should go for the skateboards that mention hill grades stats on the packing and you should compare the hill grades of different manufacturers. A dual motor skateboard will prove a better option in this case.

Skateboard Brake

Braking system is the by-product of electric skateboarding and it is done in two ways – dynamic and regenerative. The regenerative braking refers to the braking system that helps recharge the battery. Now a day, skateboards having both the braking systems are available. You can use the regenerative braking if your battery is draining and the dynamic one when the battery is full.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of an electric skateboard is not that different from that of a traditional one. The basic rule here is same and that is not to overload it. But in this case, the overload will affect the motor along with the board. The harmful overloading impact will be to run in a reduced speed.

The factors discussed above should come under inevitable considerations while buying an electric skateboard but you also should not ignore the basic skateboarding components and features – grip tape, traction, and so on. Electric boards too have introduced some other digital trends and features – wireless remote, LED lights, and self-balancing capability.

What to Consider Most While Buying

Along with the features stated above, you should go very sneaky about the warranty statement. It should be a comprehensive one clearly stating the span of the warranty and type of the warranty. The types of the warranty includes – body parts warranty or total warranty.

Next to the warranty statement, you should ensure the customer support by visiting the respective site and going through the users review. Any lack of these two should surely be considered a deal breaker.

An electric skateboard is all about the parts that must be backed by a warranty statement – battery, motor, and other digital features may cause trouble on any given time. Another important consideration should be the board weight and the material. A good electric skateboard should feature lesser weight and quality and durable deck board materials. 

Don’t forget to check the factors that ensure the performance of a motorized board. The wheels and trucks are the two critical factors after the battery and motor to ensure performance that answer your purpose and frequented tracks.

Pricing is obviously a no-denying fact. You should check and recheck the potentials of affording an offer featuring more benefits at the same budget. There might be a large difference in the eboard marketing scene in terms of pricing and quality materials. Don’t go for the minimal low price if a bit of high price can bring you digital supports like – remote control and LED Screen.


What should be avoided most in a motor skateboard?

The three factors must be avoided while taking an electric skateboard – too big and heavy board, under-powered motor and battery, and too small wheels. There are other issues to avoid but these three downsides will damage the skateboarding fun.

What is the most convenient way of controlling a motor skateboard?

The most convenient way to control an electric skateboard is to use a hand-held remote control. It comes wireless and Bluetooth-enabled. You can maneuver speed and modes of the board with it.

What possible hassle a high wattage motor can cause?

A high wattage motor creates louder noise to create inconvenience while gliding public streets. That’s why a skateboard should not be chosen for high wattage but for its controlling parameters and gear ratios.

Wrap Up

Whatever the name you call skateboarding by – sports, a recreational pastime, mode of transportation, or a performance art – the enthusiasts will derive the same exhilaration from it. And the electric skateboards are the ones capable of raising the exhilaration to an incredible level, if you can single out the best electric skateboard from the myriads of options in the market.

This article will just serve the purpose of taking you closer to some motor skateboards that can add to a great extent to your gliding fun.

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