Finding the Best off Road Go Karts | Top Picks Reviewed (2018)

Riding an off road go kart is not merely a summer vacation outing for children. It is something more than that. It can get your kids rid of the addictive onscreen games. But you need the best off-road go kart to do it effectively.

If you notice that your child is not going out at all and staying indoors and playing computer games has become his only recreation, taking him out on a riding will prove effective. Nothing will equal the spell of riding on a kid kart off road under the open sky. Now a day you can have karts made both for children and adult. Capacity in terms of space and load had increased now as the manufacturers are noticing a renewal of enthusiasm for the off-road baby karts.

We have made a thorough research on the suitable off road go karts in the market and narrowed down 5 top-level karts marketed by the renowned company. Through the course of the research, we have discovered some factors to be the most critical that the best one must have. We have covered those factors in our buying guide that is a must read for you if you have decided to buy an off road go kart.






Editor's Choice

Coleman Powersports 6.5HP

330 pounds

58.5 x 43 x 36 inches

Trailsmaster XRX Power

Not specified

Not specified

Tao Tao ATK 125cc

Shipping Weight: 350 pounds

Not specified

Trailmaster 300CC XRX

800 pounds

91 x 57 x 53 inches

Generic Family Go Kart 4 Seater

500 pounds

Not specified

Top 5 off Road Go Karts (Brands) - Reviews

1. Coleman Powersports 6.5HP Off Road Go Kart

for Adults and Kids

Features Highlight:

  • The huge power of four-stroke OHV single cylinder unit;
  • Backed by 6.5 HP and 196 ccs of power;
  • Handy pull start convenience and CVT torque transformer system;
  • Hydraulic disc brakes are a great safety measure;
  • Supported by rack and pinion steering for full maneuverability;
  • Free from the hassle of gear shifting and automatic;
  • Thickly padded roll cage and four safety straps;
  • Spacious with two seats;
  • Massive load capacity of 400 lbs.

This highlight of the said features is enough to make your decision final in favor of Coleman Powersports. It has everything to provide you with a long and memorable summer vacation. You can hit any terrain with a robust engine backed by huge power support. The huge load capacity is a double-edged sword as it can carry two fully grown up kids and even won't tilt while twisting for taking turns. The safety is superbly answered by the hydraulics disc brakes and fully padded roll cages. You can maneuver it easily with automatic gear system requiring no shifting of the same.

The kids will enjoy the easy to operate the pull-start system and the brakes will help them take turns without toppling. So you may go for this go kart option for a powerful engine, safety features fully ensured, and balanced construction and durability. 

2. Trailsmaster XRX Power Go Kart for Kids

Features Highlight:

  • Four-stroke mono cylinder engine;
  • 200cc and 6.3HP power backing;
  • Load capacity is huge - 400lbs;
  • Electric and kick-start engine;
  • Speed and range 30 mph;
  • Cam climb 12-degree slant;
  • 90-day warranty for parts and 6 months warranty for the engine;
  • Double and 10.2 inches high seats;
  • Steel frame and side rails;
  • Hydraulic disc brakes and upper roll cage.

It has several features common with Coleman Powersports Kart – mono cylinder four-stroke engine and the load capacity. Moreover, the brakes are hydraulic disc and upper roll cages are thickly cushioned like the said one. These are enough to vote in its favor. Yet, let us examine the differences that will excite you more. It's a kick-start and electric engine kart that means you don't have to bend down to pull-start it. The safety measures are even strengthened by the steel frames and side rails.

It offers several standout features that include the ability to go up the 12-degree slant backed by the 30 mph speed. Kids can enjoy extra space for the dual seats are 10.2 inches high. The outstanding deal maker is the warranty statement offering 90-day parts warranty and 6 months long engine warranty. Therefore, this should be your top consideration for your kid's kart selection.

3. Tao Tao ATK 125cc Gas Type Go Kart

Features Highlight:

  • Car-like design and style;
  • Four-stroke mono cylinder engine;
  • Air-cooling feature an electric start engine;
  • 125cc power backing and semi-automatic with triple gear setting;
  • Dual seated and features padded roll cage.

This is an affordable outdoor recreational investment. The above-the-mass feature is the air-cooling system to let the engine run without getting hot. Though it is a gas type go kart for longer trail surfing, you can enjoy an electric start. Kids go drawn towards it for the style and design as your kid will feel driving a real car riding on this. The power is big enough through a tough challenge to any rough terrain backed by the 125 cc power engine. Moreover, Tao Tao offers the premium torque along with three gear settings. So people with different abilities can enjoy the ride on this go kart.

Ya, it's comparatively cheaper but that obviously doesn't mean it is compromised in terms of performance, durability, and on any important aspect. There also you can carry two kids and safety is ensured by the lights and roll cages. The different look has made it the hot favorite among the children and it can entertain you for longer on the trail for its run by gas. You are having power, look, and performance at an affordable price.

4. Trailmaster XRX 18 Degrees Gokart

Features Highlight:

  • High power 300cc go kart;
  • Highest dual seats for adults;
  • Featured with water cooled engine;
  • Max running speed 50 mph;
  • Can climb up to 18 degrees slant;
  • Electric start engine;
  • Safety measures are enforced.

It is beyond doubt an expert go kart backed by the robust power support. You can take it anywhere you want because it is robust, speediest, and safe to go. The design and style are just lively and you can have an energized feel at the sight of it. What is worth noticing is its outstanding turning ability and you will never topple saved by the exceptional construction.

The key-operated start system is able to climb high over the 18-degree steep trail. The robust speed of 50 mph and the giant of the engine will give your kids and you a smooth up-road ride. Though this high-end and highly exclusive car claim a fabulous price, the performance and assurance is the make-up for the price. With this go kart around your house, the adults can go out for a summer vacation. Therefore, if you are not a laid-back type of guy, you can opt for this excellent Gokart. Enjoy to your heart's content without hassles on the go.  

5. Generic Family Go Kart 4 Seater

Features Highlight:

  • Solid Construction and robust wheels;
  • Four-stroke single-cylinder engine;
  • Features with a 150cc power engine;
  • 21.65 inches high back seats and 15.75 inches front seats;
  • Backed by creative reverse feature;
  • Family size 4 seater go kart;
  • All-terrain outdoor transports;
  • 330 lbs of load capacity.

If you are exhausted to the limit and you don't want to leave behind your kids at home, you opt for this go kart with as many as four seats. You can send four babies aged 5-14 years. You can fight any terrain supported by the wheels and huge power engine. This features a four-stroke single cylinder engine and solid structure to last long. 

This car can run at a high speed to give you feel of a car riding. Both the back and front seats are high and spacious enough to sit comfortably. You will enough ground space vacant after fully packed. The great convenience of automatic reverse gear will add to the maneuverability. So the robust motor and the automatic gear will gift you a smooth ride releasing and shed off all your fatigues on any terrain rough or plain.

Buying Guide: How to Choose Right Type

Buying guide actually is the briefing of the critical factors a go kart intended for kids ‘outing should be equipped with. These are the important features you need while on the go with a go kart. The age of the riders and type of the trail will define what are the urgent styles, designs, and ergonomy your kart should be featured with. There goes a list of the crucial factors below you should check and re-check irrespective of the riders and areas you will drive through.

GasType or Electric Kart

The foremost crucial factor to check at the very outset is the fuel type the kart will be run by. You have two options available in the market – Gas run engines and battery-powered models. The gas type kart will provide you with the utmost convenience of running for longer and go far away if you want to. On the other hand, the electric models are environment-friendly and emission-free; and quieter.

The gas type model will claim a higher cost price and create noise while driving. And the electric one is not also without downsides, it will require you to recharge frequently and cannot go too far from. 


You must be choosy about the given speed of the kart. If you accompany your kid on the track, you can opt for the speedier model with a high wattage motor. But if you intend to buy a toy kart for your kid to surf not very far from your home, you must opt for the less speed. Now a day, you can have kart features with speed limiter or varied speed settings to custom control. This will claim extra price from you.

Size and Load Capacity

Capacity is also too crucial a factor to ignore while making a go kart deal. You should contemplate who or how many riders will be on the kart to pick the fit size and number of seats for your kart. The age and weight of the rider is a factor as there is kart featuring various hauling capacity. Unless these two factors are scrutinized, you are risking the unwanted hassle on the go.

Style & Design

You should not forget the fact that it is a recreational kart and so eye-catching style and comfortable designs should be your first priority. Moreover, the style and design play a vital role in the durability and performance of the off-road-go-kart.


An off-road-go-kart will run at a reduced speed and less busy terrain but still the safety concern should be answered beforehand. It can topple while taking a turn and can sag anywhere in the structure if not backed by a solid construction. And above all, the braking and steering should be checked carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is balance and ergonomy of the off-road-go kart?

Balance and ergonomy refer to the well-engineered and solid construction of a go kart. Go-kart being a lighter recreational transport tends to topple on the turns. Therefore, this concern can be answered by a balanced and ergonomic design and engineering.

Co-relation between design and durability?

Go Kart being a kids' car, cannot go heavy with metal. So it is only the intelligent design the manufacturers make it durable and sturdy. The steel frame and side rails are the designs to serve this purpose.

How to answer the concern about speed?

Ya, speed is a real threat to any transport carrying kids. Kids are crazy to go break-neck speedy but this may bring them mishaps. So the best answer to take either the kart with reduced speed or the one featured with speed limiter.


Going off road with a go kart is thrilling. This is the best bait to bring the kids glued to the computer screen. This is both a recreational and healthier option. But it involves several risks too. So you have to pick the best off road go kart having all the safety measures ensured. And you must not forget how many kids and where the intended kart will make your summer thrilling under the open sky. You can have your chosen one both at a moderate an exclusive price. The pricier option will serve better and longer.

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