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The Six Proven Steps to Creating Effective Videos

The following describes for process of creating and positioning videos on the Internet effectively. The process is broken down into six steps from video planning to results analysis, recording, editing and uploading to the video presentation platform of Internet.Step 1: PlanningPlanning is essential in any campaign to position videos that pretend to be successful. A […]

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5 Excellent PC Gadgets every Vlogger Want | The Review Pics

Vlogging is a rapidly growing medium for making money, improving business reach, establishing a brand, becoming a famous celebrity and lots of other things you can think of. The prominent bloggers are also turning towards vlogging to make the content available in a visual form. It allows their target audiences to get the message by […]

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How to Setup Basic Video Recording Studio for YouTube

Let’s see what we would need to set up a small video recording studio at home, especially aimed at a vlogger / YouTuber that appears in the foreground, facing the camera. For the team we will try to recommend or give options from the simplest and cheapest to a semi-professional solution. We will divide it into […]

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What Do I Need to Pay for a Vlogging Camera | The Review Pics

What Do I Need to Pay for a Vlog Camera? Before you buy your future vlogging camera, you should be sure which criteria they absolutely must meet. Equipment, quality and functions play a major role in the purchase decision:Camera displayYour vlogging camera is supposed to show us the world from your eyes, so one of the […]

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What is a Vlogging Camera & What Vlogging Camera Should I Buy

What is a Vlogging Camera?At the beginning you should know what “Vlog” means at all. Vlog is the abbreviation for “video blog”. And is nothing else than a contribution in video form. If you’re more often on video platforms, you’ll probably already have seen one or the other Vlog, because meanwhile, not only the well – […]

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How to Be a vlogger (Follow Seven Easy Steps) | The Review Pics

Want to be a vlogger? Okay nice, you can just follow these easy but effective seven tips:. You read this article because you may have already heard about “vlogging” or “blogging video”. Many people like to make videos about interesting subjects, their opinions, and points of view or just record their daily lives. So let’s go…!Steps […]

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The Basic Tips to Make a Video Professionally | The Review Pics

How to start? What to do? What elements are needed? In this issue, you will find basic tips to make a video for your blog professionally updated 2017 method and start shooting today!!Items You Need to Make VideosA video camera or a webcam;Software or online service for editing videos;Software or online service to distribute video.The […]

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