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Vlogging is becoming more popular day by day. Everyone is trying to be the next YouTube sensation. If you are thinking of starting vlogging, then you need to setup a studio. And for that, you need some basic essential elements. But what are those elements? Well, that is the fact we will discuss in this article. Here you will get information about 4 essential elements that will help you to setup a basic vlogging studio. Even if you are a beginner you can try this out. Let’s go ahead.

1. Camera:

The first thing you need is a camera. For the beginning, you can also use your mobile phone. Nowadays, they generally have a great camera for recording video and also have a decent mic for sound recording. Speaking of sound, make sure to sound dampen your recording area to get the best quality video.

If you are willing to do it with a good camera, then it is better. When you are looking for a camera for vlogging setup, you need to consider a few features to find the vlogging camera. A front facing display is very handy. Look for a camera that has manual control ability. The camera should have an input for an external microphone.

2. Capturing Audio:

Sound quality should also be good for a good video. Even many experts say that sound is more important to people than video quality. So you should invest in a good external microphone. You can attach a shotgun mic to the hot shoe of the camera for recording high-quality audio easily. Lavalier mics are also an excellent option for recording audio. When you purchase a camera for vlogging, make sure that it has a build in mic input. But if your camera doesn’t have an external mic input, “Zoom H1” external recorder will be a good option for you. You Can record audio with it and then sync sound in post-production.

3. Lighting:

Light is the main fact that will maintain the quality of your video. Sunlight generally makes anyone looks great in the video. So try to setup your studio near the window or at a place where you will get profound sunlight.

But for every people, it's not possible to make the studio in the sunlight. Again no one can control the sunlight. You may not get the light whenever you need. And you may have to work at night. So where will you get the sunlight at night. That's why you should have a good lighting system.

You can get LED lights that can be attached to your camera or their own stand. LED lights are good because they stay cool and don't draw much power. But LED lights are expensive and for beginners, it may be hard to purchase them. So you can use household lights which are available in any hardware store.

It doesn't matter which lights you have chosen, the fact is, don't use mixed lights. If you are using sunlight then just use it. If you are using LED, then use only LED. Never mix sunlight, LED and normal light. If you do this, you will not get the perfect color. So keep it in mind.

4. Post-production:

As you have recorded a cool video now, it is time to edit it. There are several amazing software to get the job done. If you are a Mac user, you can use "iMovie" for editing. That is downloadable for any Mac Laptop. For PC users "Windows Movie Maker" is an easy software which is free to download. There are many customer-level editing programs in these softwares. They have all the features you need to put together a video.

You can also use Corel VideoStudio, Magix Movie Edit Pro, Cyberlink PowerDirector and more. If you are thinking of more professional editing, you can use some professional software like Apple Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro or even Avid Media Composer.

So now you can start your vlogging and let people know your skill. Don't get stuck for the lake of elements. Just start with whatever gears you have. Build up a basic studio and start working. Give your beat effort.

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