How to Be a Vlogger (Follow Seven Easy Steps)

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Want to be a vlogger? Okay nice, you can just follow these easy but effective seven tips:.

You read this article because you may have already heard about “vlogging” or “blogging video”. Many people like to make videos about interesting subjects, their opinions, and points of view or just record their daily lives. So let’s go…!

Steps One: Think of a Topic

Think of a topic to make your video blogs. It can be anything, as long as it is not boring, insulting or illegal. You can be inspired by other video bloggers, but you must be unique and authentic, not a copy, do not do what others people do.

Step 2: Create a YouTube Channel

Already you have a goggle account? Now open an account on YouTube and create a won channel. Give your channel an attractive name. Make your channel interesting, but make sure you do not give your username a lot of spins because it’s almost impossible to succeed with a confusing or hard-to-read username that has many numbers.

Step 3: Make Videos

At first, you need to a good camera to make quality video. I think you have to this. If yes, (but if no then you can see the recommended list according to budget) then you  make at least five or more unique videos. All of the videos will really have to be good and interesting. Post one or two a day. We advise you not to skip two days, because what you offer your viewers will have to be the norm.

Recommended camera

Post one of those videos to a video related and well known as a video response. At least you get fifth views of the original video! The Awesomeness TV channel on YouTube allows you to post video responses to the “How to Be a YouTube Superstar” series.

Always stay active. No one will be interested in you if you do not post any videos in years. If you can, try to specify a day on which you will upload all your videos. For a video blogger, you’ll have to do it at least 3 times a week. If it seems too much, try at least once a week.

Step 4: Edit Your Videos to Use Free Awesome Editing Software

Use video editing software at least which are available free but well work and edit your videos! This is what differentiates viewers from going through your videos or clicking them. Search online or YouTube tutorials on how to use the software you have. Windows come with Windows Movie Maker installed and all Apple products have iMovie available. Android comes with Movie Maker installed.

Step 5: Create Banner, Video Thumbnail and Avatar

If you learn to edit, you can also create your banner, video thumbnail, and avatar. If you are a YouTube partner, you will have a whole new world of options for your videos. Creating an avatar is simple, but if you want a banner, you’ll have to choose an image and edit it within the margins of your computer. When you edit it, make sure you have text, a close up of your face and a cool background.

Step 6: Response Your Viewers

Communicate with your followers. Do not ignore the streets. Take the time to respond to your comments, messages and video responses. This will give you a good impression and your followers will thank you.

Step 7: Become a YouTube Partner

Once you have a good reputation in the YouTube community, try to become a YouTube partner. You will need at least a few thousand views to be. YouTube makes money by letting it show advertising in your videos and that’s how video bloggers make money! Your videos will appear frequently in search results as well.

So now you are a professional vlogger. Happy vlogging!

Bottom line

We generally do not recommend posting links to your content in areas where they may be viewed as spam. Try to tell your friends about your content so they can tell others. Also, try to forge a relationship with someone before posting your content to your page.

If you do not already have a Twitter account or a Facebook page, believe them. You will see that they are great for interacting with your followers and informing them of the new content you add. In addition, you can share images and that’s it!

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