How to be a YouTuber and Make Popular Vlog on YouTube

How to be a YouTuber

They are the idols of our new generation. Boys like ours who have made their hobby something bigger. They are called YouTubers and they are people who are dedicated to making videos of all kinds to tell what they like and make content for their subscribers. Some of them already have millions of fans.

It is a phenomenon that is expanding more and more and more than once we have already heard how to be one of them. There is no magic formula to be and to succeed but in Technology you want to give a series of tips so that you can get into this world.

What do I Need to Get Started

Any good vlogger or YouTuber that is proud of it must know the technology and the tools with which it works. First, and sure that we have a computer. With it, we will edit the videos, we record and upload them. It does not have to be the most powerful, but we must ensure that it performs well.

Why? Very simple, editing video can be a demanding process for the computer and it is important that you have a good graphics card so that you can do it without being frustrated. What else? A camera, the one that comes included in your laptop is good to start but we need something more.

We recommend using a high-quality webcam, such as this HP model that records in high definition. Another option is to use a video camera and a tripod, we have many options to choose which solution fits best for us. If we are starting this, it is best to do it little by little.

Camera for Youtube

If we want to record our games to video games (you can see this guide) , we will need a video capture. This accessory allows us to pick up the sound and video signal from the console and record it on our computer and then mount it.

While playing, you can record the sound of your voice with headphones with built-in microphone. The Tritton Ax 180 is great and the Turtle Beach Px22 is another good option. We will also need software to mount video, here are many options to choose from. The best thing, if we are just starting out, is to get simple software.

How do I Upload My Videos

We already have ours realized now is the easiest thing: to upload them to the Internet. For this, we will go to YouTube and create an account if we do not have one. We go to the option to upload video and there we select our creation. Depending on our connection this process can take about 20 minutes on average.

While uploading, we can put details to our video: title, description, tags … Remember that you can then use the YouTube editing tools to add tags to the video or even edit it, in case you do not want to do it directly from the computer before uploading it

Once uploaded and processed, we can start sharing the video on our social networks. If we are going to dedicate ourselves to this seriously, maybe you should make an account on Twitter and Facebook to let you know. It is free and is an excellent promotion medium.

How to Make a Popular Vlog on YouTube

There is no guide that teaches you to get thousands and thousands of subscribers, but we can give you a few tips that, sure, will be help:

Set up Your YouTube Vlog

Create a new playlist on your video channel, enabling the “Use this playlist as my video blog on my channel” option during the process. Videos added to the playlist will automatically be added to the video blog for your YouTube channel and profile.

Create a Calendar for Your Vlog

Some vlogs are published weekly, while others may have a higher or lower frequency. Select a realistic publishing schedule, considering that you must record, edit and upload latest videos for each record in your vlog.

Your vlog may be basic or characterized by special effects and computer-generated images. Ideally, the messages in your vlog will last for about two minutes, which will allow you to present a large amount of information without being too long. This will prevent viewers from getting bored and navigating to another site before the message is finished.

Upload your vlog messages to your playlist on your scheduled days. If possible, try uploading messages at the same time each time to create a calendar. Provide good descriptions of each video to attract potential viewers.

Make Popular Vlog on YouTube

Promote Your Vlog.

Send links to blogs, add links to your website or blog and promote your links on social networks, such as StumbleUpon, Twitter, and Facebook. When leaving opinions on other websites, use the address of your vlog in the section “Personal website” if you are allowed to link to a website. When you see opportunities to promote your vlog, take advantage of them and publish links.

Monitor the Messages of Your Vlog

Responding to comments and promoting the participation of your followers. The more your followers feel appreciated, the more likely they will be to see your messages in the future. You should also encourage them to subscribe to your vlog to have quick access to your most recent messages.

Create promotions based on the number of subscribers or followers. Shoot special messages, create competitions and develop other promotions depending on the number of subscribers of your vlog or the number of visits of certain messages.

As more people become subscribers of your vlog, more followers will start recommending it to their friends, resulting in faster growth.

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