How to Ride A Longboard | A Beginners Guide for Longboarding

Longboard is almost similar to a skateboard. But longboard is much longer, wider and heavier than a normal skateboard. Nowadays longboarding is a hobby, passion as well as a sport to the younger generation. Anyone can do longboarding. Yes, it is possible if you have three ‘P’- passion, patience, and practice. If you are a beginner and want to learn longboarding basics, you are at the right place. Follow the guidelines below here to start off your longboarding journey.

Know Yourself:

First of all ask yourself whether you have any passion for riding a longboard or not. I think affirmative. So, you have one ‘P’-passion, but to fulfill your dream you need to achieve rest two ‘P’-Practice and patience. Now if any of your friends have a longboard, please give a try on it. It will give you inspiration, awake your desire of ride.

Choose the Right Gear:

Before starting you should care yourself. Choose the right gear, as longboarding comes with tears, wounds, fractures etc. So for a beginner, you need to put on the gloves, flat shoes, knee and elbow cap, and helmet. Be ready for the right moment with the perfect gears.

Choose the Right Board:

For a beginner, it is a little bit confusing to select the best longboard for own. Longer boards are more stable than shorter ones. Similarly, drop-through boards are more stable than others. Actually cruising longboards are more perfect for a beginner to learn the riding.

Let’s Start Off:

Now you are well ready to start your longboarding journey. Place the longboard on a plain surface. Keep your one foot on it along the board anteriorly and push forward with the other foot. After gaining a bit speed keep your both feet on the deck of the board at about 45-degree angle. Do this process repeatedly. Keep in mind that do your practice on the plain or flat surface for the first time.

Learn to Stop:

For landing safely from your longboard you should know how to stop it. If you can’t to stop, you will get hurt. To stop or break you can use your rear leg. Keep your heel portion of that rear leg on the road and give increasing pressure to stop the board. For the beginners, it is the best way to stop the board. Practice it a lot of times to master it.


Carving is an amazing trick to practice. This simple trick will amaze you during riding. It is a needed trick to riding. During riding keep your both foot perpendicular to each other. Keep your stance low by bending your knees, it will give you more stability. Now tilt your deck to one side and it will carve or turn the board. You need to practice a lot to master in carving.

Final Thoughts:

Now you know the basics of longboarding. To master it you should practice a lot. To ride safely always put on your right gears. If you want to learn the more advanced technique you can follow freely available resources on youtube. Longboarding is a passionate hobby to the youngsters. It will keep you fit and healthy. You can ride your longboard anywhere you like. If you care your skills longboard will be one of your best friends. Best wishes for you. Happy longboarding.

Last Updated on January 1, 2021 by Nelly Hal

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