How to Use Back Massager Effectively

Nothing is better than a back massager to get rid of the back pain and neck pain. Most of the people at their old age suffer from back pain. And there is no permanent cure for back pain for these old people. So, the only option to reduce and control the back pain is to take continuous massage using a back massager. Some back massager also has both neck and back massaging options. But without proper knowledge of how to use a back massager, we will not get the proper benefit of back massager.

There are different types of back massager. Each back massager has their different usage and techniques for taking the massage. While electric back massager is so easy to use but handheld back massager is quite difficult to take the massage. Because you have to know the perfect massaging techniques to use this back massager. So here I will tell you about taking back massage using different types of back massager.

Using a Back Massage Chair:

With the blessings of modern technology now you can take back massage sitting in your home. Before when there was no electric back massager people used to go to the therapy center or specialist who are expert to give back massage. Now It’s so easy to take the back massage only using a back-massager chair. You just need to sit on the chair and switch the power button. You can set the time for taking the massage for a certain period.

Apart from setting the time you can also adjust the massage section. By adjusting the massage section, you can take the massage for a certain part of your body. Such as lumbar body part, thoracic body part, trapezius transversus. Sometimes we just need to take the massage for certain body part. So, this electric back massager chair is a great massager to have this option. You can also take the full body massage using this electric back massager chair.

So, when you buy an electric back massager chair make sure you get all the function of taking back massage.

Massage Ball Roller:

Massage balls are kind of tennis balls but the outer surface of the ball is made of many spiky points. To use this massage ball roller for the back massage, you have to lay down on the ball and roll your back forward and backward over the ball. You can also use this massage roller ball for massaging your thigh, calves, and arms. Some massage ball rollers have the handheld stick option that enables you to roll the ball on your different body part.

Body Back Buddy:

The body back buddy is designed like the alphabet Shape S. You can use this back massager to any part of your body. You just need to roll and rub the back buddy over your muscles. Mainly back buddy works by the pressure. To get the massage you have to create a pressure on your muscles using the knobs of the back buddy.

Shiatsu Back Massager:

There are different types of Shiatsu back massager. This is a multifunctional back massager that can be used on the lower back, upper back and neck. This is a great device to heal the lower back pain. When you will take back massage using a Shiatsu back massager it will give you feel like a finger pressure. This pressure helps to relieve the back pain. Some Shiatsu back massager also gives the warm heat that is so important for healing back pain.

Some Shiatsu back massager also comes with pillow design that uses some balls inside the pillow. When you switch the massager, it will start rolling.

Acupressure Mat:

This is kind of mat that has 6,210 Acupressure points on it. To use this back massager, you have to just lay down on it. The spiky Acupressure points will create the pressure to when you laid on it. It usually uses your body weight to give the massage. You can also use this Acupressure mat for the neck massage.

Muscle Stimulator:

This back massager doesn’t create any vibration or rolling movement to give the massage. It just uses the electric power to heat the massage pads that are used on the muscles. Most of the bodybuilder and gym guy use this Muscle stimulator to get relief from their muscle soreness. You can use this Muscle stimulator on your any body part.

So, these are all back massager that will help you to reduce your back pain and neck pain as well. While you have to do nothing for taking massage using an electric massager. But to take the massage using a manual or traditional massager, you have to apply the massage to the specific body part. Thus, you have to know about the connection of muscles with different joints.

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