Seven Practical Tips for Beginners at Video Vlogging

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Seven Practical Tips for Beginners at Video Vlogging.

Would you like to make videos, upload them to the network and don’t know where to start? Today, I gave myself the task of compiling 7 Practical and useful tips for those who want to become video bloggers and don’t know much of the media.


Before you start is paramount and although it may seem silly, know the platform which will upload your videos, that is, if it comes to Youtube, investigates how it works, what benefits offers and disadvantages, see videos others view channels and soak up the world of videoblog, is not copying but if you know what you will face and be surrounded once you upload your first video.


The camera is important. If you don’t have a professional video camera, don’t worry, many smartphones currently recorded in HD and that will give your video more quality if you have a digital camera common you can also use it, but the recommendation is that the videos minimum are ideal 720p or 1080p.


Many people do not take into account the lighting, but it is certainly something worth strive. Good lighting will give you more clarity and sharpness to the video, if you have lamps, ideally record in front of a window with natural sunlight, but exposure is not too much not want to look like a ghost.

Note that the background is important, people do not want to see your dirty clothes, your stuff from school or work, much fewer shoes or objects that have nothing to do with the subject of the video. I recommend choosing a flat wall of a solid and clear color, if not to record in a space like this, you can record in a room or in your room (ordered by preference). As an extra tip, you can add in the background if you have a cabinet or a blank wall, funny objects or having to do with the name of your channel, to customize the space.


Once you have ready all you need to record, it is time to think about a topic. This depends on the type of video you want to do, in this case, these ideas apply to the videoblog format, therefore I recommend are common themes, empathetic and can be seen by the general public, so that with this assures more people see your video and feel identified. If you do not like to be "mainstream" and talk about what everyone is talking about, then think of a single issue and original that you think will be pleasing to a specific social group.

What I will comment you then may not be to your liking, but I assure you will help produce a more concise and pleasing to public view video. You have a script, I do not mean to draft a document that will use the exact words but rather a list of points to play, write examples or data that give your video a more solid foundation. If your video blog is personal, it is not vital, but if you want to talk about a specific topic such as the relationships, family or something like that, then so that your ideas are not lost, write and ready.


When recording, note that everything is ready, the camera, does it stack memory, recording? The background, the light, the position of the tripod, no external noises? All ready? Let's Record if this is your first time before the camera, you may feel nervous, relax and natural act much better. If this is not your case, then just smile and talk, try to modulate your voice, do not talk very loud or very low, something that is pleasing to the ears of others. Humor and encouragement are also important if you're not wanting to record, better not do it, people realize and they get bored of seeing people with laziness, mind.

Depending on the video, but if you want to be presentable for your video is best to take care of your personal image, verify that you do not have something in your teeth, if you want to look formal and settled, maybe you prefer something casual, it all depends on how you want people to remember you will sound like a cliché but if first impressions count.


Something to consider when posting videos on Youtube is originality, avoid at all costs the famous "copy" as people will notice it, feel it. When you start your video, starts waving, it can be a simple "Hello" or a phrase or some creative way to welcome your channel and if it's your first video, make sure people remember who you are, you have to trace. When you finish the part of the content, I recommend inviting participation may initially only see you two, but that's the least, it mentions that you can subscribe and share your video and if you have social networks invite them to know them.

And the 7th Tips:

Becoming vlogger does not happen overnight, it takes time and you must be patient, you will get to know people slowly and your views will increase, patience above all. Being vlogger, not about becoming famous, and in fact, that's not the reason why this movement began, the people who make vlogs, are people seeking to say something, express a message with the world, perhaps to be They heard or maybe just needed to vent. Now everyone wants to do, to increase a little personal ego, which does not think it's wrong but that, according to the history of Youtube is not a video blog, I wanted to make clear that, because these tips are for those who want to send a message to any community, this being its main objective. If instead what you're looking for is positioned in a social audiovisual platform as it would be Youtube, ideally seek advice for multimedia productions professional advice that hardly applies to video blogs.

I hope these tips have been helpful, and remember if they want to express themselves and say something to the world, just do it, take into account what I mentioned earlier and that the message will see much more clearly. Don’t worry if many people do not see them, make videos for you, because they want their channel and then later take its own path.

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