How to Properly Train a Dog with a Shock Collar

How to train your dog with e-collar on? We’re going to step by step how to use the e-collar on your dog. I know it’s a super-taboo topic. If you are familiar with what e collar training is? It’s basically how you teach your dog to be mega safe but you have to be mega responsible to use them. So if you aren’t familiar with what they are, I’m going to teach you in this article how to introduce your dog to the e-collar.

They’re just a sound or a vibration feature, and those are the feature that I encourage you to use. I never encourage anyone to shock their animal or shock their dog.  There are alternative to the e-collars nowadays, and you should check those out now.

I trained both of my Huskies on a vibration e-collar. They are only trained with this feature and all it is like a simple vibration that you feel almost exactly similar to your cell phone.  Like I said you should always be responsible when using e-collar and you should only use them when you’re doing off-leash training or training for emergencies and that is what we’re going to talk about today.

Introduce to the Dog to E-Collar

You’re looking to introduce your dog to the e-collar. Number one rule doesn’t put e-collar on your dog and have them wear it all day long, absolutely not.


When you put the e-collar on your dog, it’s for two things one training. And a training session should not last more than twenty or thirty minutes to an hour.


Number two if you’re going to take your dog off leash and you’re going to go somewhere like hunting, some people take their dogs out hiking, some people take their dogs out in natural walking. All these different things. If you’re going to do off leash with your dog, I recommend wearing e-collar. Those are the only two times that you need to have an e-collar on your dog. Don’t ever put shock-collar on your dog and leave them unattended. Those are bad practices. This is what gets people in trouble, and this is what gives e-collar a bad rap.

Before Buying an E-Collar Consider those Things

When you buy yourself an e-collar the very last thing you’re going to do is put it on your dog and take them outside for a walk. Because they don’t even know what an e-collar is and more than likely it’s going to shock them and not literally. I mean it’s going to surprise them the first you use it.

So the first thing you’re going to want to do is you’re going to take your e-collar, and you’re just going to sit on the floor with your dog and let them smell it and show it to them. You want to teach your dog this not a bad thing; this is not a tool of punishment; this is something that’s fun. So you’re just literally going to show it to them and have them just used to it, get them to smell it, put on the floor, let them look at it, let them explore it on their own. 

When they do, these make sure it’s off. Obviously don’t turn it on. You know what doesn’t hurt, give your dog some treats. Make this a happy moment, make this exciting. This is the kind of thing you want to focus one. This is going to make your dog comfortable around this e-collar. You don’t want this to be a sad moment for them. So this is how you’re going to introduce this e-collar to them.

Put the Collar on Your Dog

Put the collar on your dog but guess what you’re not going to turn it on.  One thing I want to say you guys is when you’re putting this on. It’s going to have to be a little bit snug. You don’t want this to be loose on your dog’s neck. You want it to be snug, but you don’t want it to shock them. So make sure you can fit at least one finger between the belt and your dog’s neck. So now we got the collar on your dog. Then you should give her treats.

A lot of people say “if you have the collar too tight it will chafe their skin and that good stuff” But guess what if you have the collar on to lose it will do precisely the same thing. Because they’re going to run and those are prongs are going to move all over their neck, and you don’t want that to make happen. So make sure you can fit at least one finger between the neck and the collar, and that should be adequate. That is exactly how you want to introduce the e-collar to your dog.

I can’t tell you how many times people grave the e-collar and they throw it on their dog, they take him outside and they try to vibrate it right away, zap them right away, and they think it’s an automatic thing. Don’t make huge steps with your dog. Don’t take such large steps. Take smaller steps at a time. These baby steps are going to be huge when teaching your dogs.

Properly Train a Dog

Final words

Every trainer has 2 or 3 methods to train their dog. But if you are a beginner what you should do? In this article, we correctly mentioned that you need a shock collar to train a dog without hard work properly. Also, you need to bear in mind these several things when you ready to go out to train your dog. Everything is possible if we do that correctly and hope these things I mentioned in this article will help you out to success your dog training. And if you have any several questions, please let me know in this article that we could make a strong knowledge to train a dog successfully.

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