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Teaching your kids riding a bicycle is not so difficult if you get them a balance bike. Most of the parents want to buy their kids bicycle but they take the wrong decision while choosing the bicycle for their kids. All bicycles are not made equally for any age kids. Bicycle types and size varies on the size and the age of the kids. But parent always wants to buy their kids a larger bicycle than their size. Because they want to save money. They plan to use the bicycle even when their child gets older. But while teaching your kids how to ride a bicycle you should consider buying the right type of bikes.

So, if you want to teach your kids riding bicycle nothing is better than a balance bike. But all balance bikes do not come in the same size. Your kid's age determines the size of the balance bike. Let’s get some knowledge about the right size balance bike that is perfect for your kid’s age.

The Right Age to Get Your Kids a Balance Bike:

A balance bike is not like stroller or tricycle where you can put your kids and they do not need to care about balance. The concept of balance bike taken from the first invented bicycle where the riders did not use any pedal instead they used their feet. But now balance bike is manufacturing only for kids to teach them how to balance a bike before they start riding pedal bicycle.

But as I said before the types and the size of the balance bike varies on the kid’s age. That’s why you can’t put an underaged kid who doesn't have the balance on himself. You should buy your kids balance bike at a certain age when they can at least run fast without falling. Normally manufacturers create balance bike for 18 months to 12 years old kids.

Bike Size by Kids Age:

Normally the size of the balance bike depends on the seat height and the wheel size. But the seats are adjustable. You can adjust the seat height according to the frame height. So, you should depend on the wheel size while buying a balance bike. For an 18-year-old kid, the right wheel size of the balance bike is 10”. But a 2 to 3 years old kid also ride this balance bike if you raise the seat height.

For 2 to 4 years of kids, the right wheel size is 12”. For 3 to 6 years of kids, the right wheel size of the balance bike is 14”. For 4 to 8 years old kids you can choose the 16” wheel. And lastly, you can choose a 20” wheel for 7 to 10 years of old kids.

If you think that your 12 years old kid is not able to pedal a bike then you can buy him/her a 20” wheel balance bike. They can easily raise the seat height to adjust their saddle position.

Why You Have to Buy The Perfect Size:

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Basically, balance bikes are grouped by size. As we know if we buy a 29-size mountain bike for a 5.5” cyclist, then it will be difficult for him to ride the bicycle with comfort. Even his feet will not reach to the pedal perfectly. Here the balance bikes have also the same concept. 18-year-old kid’s feet is not tall like a 5 or 6 years old kid.

As Kids ride balance bike using their kids so if we put an 18 years old kids on a balance bike that is bigger than his size then he or she will not be able to keep their feet on the ground. If they cannot put their feet on the ground then there is no meaning of balance. That’s why you have to choose the perfect size when you buy a balance bike for your kids.

Should You Spot While Your Kids Riding Balance Bike:

As balance bikes are made to keep the self-balance by the kids so you don’t need to spot your kids while they ride a balance bike. They can avoid falling using their feet. But for 18 to 3 years of kids, you should spot on them. They need more time to understand how to use their feet and braking system in an emergency.

Whether you buy your kids a balance bike or normal pedal bike you should encourage them to use the helmet. Kids are so much adventures you will see some kids making their own trail on their backyards. They put extra extremeness on their self-made trail. That’s why you should buy them the right size of the balance bike with a helmet.

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  1. For a child, 4 years is best age to start riding bike. Our kid will turn 4 after a few months. I decided to gift him a bike on his next birthday.


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