What Do I Need to Pay for a Vlogging Camera

What Do I Need to Pay for a Vlog Camera?

Before you buy your future vlogging camera, you should be sure which criteria they absolutely must meet. Equipment, quality and functions play a major role in the purchase decision:

Camera display

Your vlogging camera is supposed to show us the world from your eyes, so one of the most important criteria is the display. If a camera does not have a display, you rarely have the ability to control your recordings. Some cameras, which do not have a display, but offer you Bluetooth, so that you can connect your smartphone with the vlogging camera and on your smartphone then see the picture you are recording with the cam straight. From our own experience we find the camera with display much more practical. You have your display directly in front of you, can check with the self, whether you look perfect in the picture and if you want to film the world around you, you do not have to go aimlessly at it filming but can be with the help of the display in the center which you really want to show us.

camera for vlogging

Camera Battery

Before you look for the perfect vlogging camera for you, you should also be clear about what you want to record anything at all. Do you want to shoot a festival vlog, a holiday vlog, a "What I eat in a day" - vlog, or just catch and capture a few scenes from your everyday life? - It is now that, for example, a festival vlog is recorded for several hours at a time and the battery of your camera must hold accordingly longer than if you want to distribute over the day every now and then again a few minutes. Before the purchase of your vlogging camera, make sure that the battery has proper power and does not immediately after a few minutes vlogs lubricated. Many cameras deliver even a second battery with the purchase, so you can safely log on for several hours at a time.

Picture Quality

The "picture" criterion is very different. Of course everyone wants the sharpest picture quality, which is just on the market, but quite honestly: For the beginning you do not need a fat 4K resolution. Since it does the good old full HD synonymous. Furthermore, you have to know before buying, if you want a vlogging camera with ultra - wide angle lens or a vlogging camera with a simple 16: 9 picture. With the Bullseye (fish eye) you are sure to catch more than the normal image - but both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Here again one's taste is questionable.


In terms of "handiness", the Vlogging cameras are unbeatable, because they are specially designed to fit easily into your pocket and you do not have to carry an extra bag with you. A normal DSLR does not fit easily into your pants pocket.


When it comes to sound, there are tremendous differences between your individual vlogging cameras. Some cameras offer a connection to connect an external microphone. This can turn out to be quite handy if the built-in microphone is very weak and you can hardly understand it when you log. In addition, bad mics will easily pass when there is something louder around you or you want to record a concert. Also some vlog camera is also less suitable for the vlogging in the nature, because the integrated microphone does not bring with it a good quality with itself.

Camera Memory

Your vlogging camera should also, just if you want to make higher-quality recordings, enough space available. Otherwise, you might film a few minutes and suddenly nothing will happen because you have no more memory space. In that case, in any case: Take precautions and look to your future vlogging camera gives you the option to switch to external memory. This allows you to easily purchase extra storage space by purchasing one or two extra memory cards. But be careful: Before you buy accessories for your camera, please note that it is different from camera to camera, whether you need an SD memory card or a micro SD memory card.

Camera - Image Stabilizer

To film your vlogs as wiggle - free, most vlogging cameras have a picture stabilizer. So if you want to capture recordings of your adventure, make sure the image stabilizer is as good as possible. This compensates for extreme camera shake in the picture and ensures smooth image reproduction. On the other hand, there are of course different accessories for your vlogging camera. A tripod is especially recommended if you want to have some cool time - lapse recordings for your vlog.

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