What is a Vlogging Camera & What Vlogging Camera Should I Buy

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At the beginning you should know what “Vlog” means at all. Vlog is the abbreviation for “video blog”. And is nothing else than a contribution in video form.

If you’re more often on video platforms, you’ll probably already have seen one or the other Vlog, because meanwhile, not only the well – known sizes on the online platforms, but also those who want to become more popular. In so-called “Daily Vlogs”, idols display personal insights into their daily lives in the form of an online video diary. This allows fans to be close to their favorites and this has the decisive advantage, especially for the Content Creator that the bond between the video – maker and the viewer becomes stronger and one can meet on an equal footing; we mean that the idol becomes more tangible to the community. So if you prefer to shoot videos, instead of writing lyrics, you’ll get your money’s worth here.

A Vlogging Camera – or Vlog Camera or Selfie Camera – is a camera with which you can record perfect video blogs (Vlogs).

What Advantages does a Vlog Camera Have?

A Vlog camera usually has a small folding display, which you depending on which direction you are filming so that you can always see what you are filming.

At the bottom of the video you see what I mean. However, not all Vlog cameras have a folding display. This makes the vlogging sometimes a bit cumbersome, since you have to first find out how to keep the camera best to be synonymous complete in the picture. It is not necessarily advantageous, if one in the complete Vlog always only half the head looks and the rest is cut off. This is the case, for example, with a normal digital camera.

Here, for example, you can not see yourself in the film because there is usually no folding screen and the display is often located on the back of the cam, almost behind the lens. If you want to quickly capture something on video that is in front of you, then the folding display as mentioned has the advantage that you always keep in mind what you just want to film.

Another advantage of the Vlog camera is that it is more handy than other cameras. Compare, for example, a DSLR with a Vlogging camera. While the Vlog camera usually fits comfortably even in the pants pocket, one must carry the DSLR rather in an extra bag with itself, since it is rather less suitable for the pants pocket.

What Vlogging Camera Should I Buy?

Flavors are different and also every single Vlog camera brings its advantages and disadvantages with it. Each of us attaches importance to other aspects when vowing. The one would like more functions and the better equipment, the other again it is important that the camera brings the better quality in picture and sound. Again, it is more important for the battery to last longer. Our site provides you with helpful information, detailed product presentations and a lot of practical accessories for your future Vlog camera, so that you can find the most suitable Vlogging camera for you.

Our Presentations

use camera like experts

We present you a large number of Vlog cameras, which you can look at in our article “Best vlogging camera”. In doing so, we focus not only on the exterior of the Vlog camera, but also on the inner values. Our own evaluation system summarizes the most relevant criteria for you in our opinion. It can be – but does not have to – that one or other product is made available to the test. Should one of the products be sponsored, we will clearly identify this.

Our Vlogging Camera Comparison

Our Vlogging camera comparison shows you an overview of some Vlogging cameras of our choice. We have taken the trouble to summarize all the information, because quality, equipment and price play a decisive role in the purchase.

Vlog Camera Test

Action camera instructions vlogging camera

Vlogs are becoming increasingly popular in all major video communities. So many Vlogger also ask themselves before buying their Vlogging camera the question, whether it is worth it, also with an Action Cam to vlog. Not often vloggt someone not with a Vlogging camera, but with an Action Cam. Yes! – Really read!

Many Vloggers also shoot their Vlogs with an Action Cam. This also has a good reason. Some want to share not only their everyday story with us, but also their hobbies or their unforgettable experiences. Especially on the water or on holiday, on the moped or on the snowboard – an action cam can be used universally.

Advantages of action camera as a vlogging camera use

YouTuber need a vlogg camera

The action came compared to the standard Vlog camera the enormous advantage that it is usually waterproof. This makes it possible to turn off fat shots under water, while you have to buy expensive accessories with a Vlogging camera, or even with the “cheap” accessories even the camera can be broken. We do not want to claim that, but the risk that water penetrates into the unprotected Vlog camera much bigger, than with the anyway dense Action Cam.

Disadvantages for use of action camera as a vlogging camera

Compared to the Vlogging camera, the Action Camera has just the disadvantage that it is usually not equipped with the best microphone – which is synonymous with an Action Camera is not synonymous. On the snowboard or under water one speaks well not much. But if you want to use an Action Camera as a Vlogging camera, you just have to accept that the sound quality is not the best. For action Vlogs is such an adventure camera but really useful.

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