What is Freestyle Longboarding

There are different styles to do longboarding. Each style is different from one another. Freestyle longboarding is one of the longboarding styles that is so much popular among the teenage. Most of us make the mistake to understand the difference between freestyle longboarding and freeride longboarding. These two styles are different that requires different techniques and different type of longboard.

Freeride longboarding Is kind of downhill skateboarding that includes some tricks and techniques like sliding, drifting, foot breaking and drop through while freestyle longboarding is pretty difficult than freeride longboarding. But here we are not going to discuss about the freeride longboarding much. I will try to discuss the tricks and techniques that require doing freestyle longboarding and the type of longboard that is made for freestyle longboarding.

Basic Freestyle Longboarding:

As I said before freestyle longboarding is different than freeride longboarding. So, it is easy to understand that these two styles have the different type of techniques of longboarding.  Techniques that include in freestyle longboarding are Cross-step, peter pan, Nose manual, G turn, Chop the wood, Ghost ride, and pivot.

Cross Step:

Cross step is the most common and easiest style of freestyle longboarding. For doing cross step longboarding you just need to use your two feet to move the longboard right and left like snake walk. Cross your legs on the longboard using your two feet one after another to carve the longboard. Here is the Common cross step longboarding video that will help you to learn this style.

Peter Pan:

Peter pan is similar to the cross-step longboarding. But it is Difficult than the cross step. While in cross-step longboarding, we have to cross the legs to the front edge and the back edge of the longboard, Similar to the catwalk in the fashion show. But In peter pan, you have to cross the legs and keep it in the same place of the longboard deck. If you don’t understand it yet please watch the video below.

Nose Manual:

We can understand nose manual style from the bike stoppie stunt. To do Nose manual longboarding we have to put our front foot on the nose of the longboard. After keeping the front foot on the longboard nose we have to create a foot pressure on the longboard nose and pull the back side up on the air. This is quite difficult because we have to maintain our body balance to do this trick.

G Turn:

G turn freestyle longboarding also requires the same technique of Nose manual longboarding but the difference is, in nose manual we just go forward which is easy but in G turn we have to turn the longboard at the time of doing Nose manual longboarding.

Ghost Ride:

For doing ghost ride longboarding we just need to jump off from the longboard and jump on the longboard without stopping the longboarding. Use your right leg to jump off the board and jump on the board which will make easier to do Ghost ride longboarding.


Pivot freestyle longboarding is turning the back side of the longboard to the front side while riding the longboard. Use the longboard nose to turn the longboard instantly without stopping the ride. It's about turning the longboard in a hub in 180 degrees.

Other Freestyle Longboarding:

Apart from these basic freestyle longboarding, there are other freestyles longboarding too. These are flipping, hand sliding, jumping from the truck and much more. These are advanced level freestyle longboarding that requires advanced skills and techniques.

Perfect Freestyle Longboard:

Freestyle longboard is different than other types of the longboard. Usually, free style longboards are made for the slow ride and for doing flatland tricks. The nose of freestyle longboard is totally different than other types of the longboard. As most of the tricks go on the nose of the longboard so the nose is made in different shape like an extra part of the board. The wheels of the freestyle longboard are small than other types of the longboard.

Freestyle longboarding is a versatile style of longboarding. Beside these freestyles, there are so many freestyle longboarding and division in each style. Even some of the style names are given on the basis of country style.

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