What is Vlogging & How to be a Successful Vlogger

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging, also known as video blogging, is a new way of communicating ideas through videos on the Internet. And every day more people who choose to post audiovisual pieces on the network, where they pour their opinions and views on random things that may be interesting for users.

They do not have a unique theme. One of the most followed vlogs and with more visualizations is the one of Charlie is so cool like, a lad that has an opinion on everything, and that with millions of reproductions (it counts on 279,965,113 views and 2,540,127 subscribers ), Has become a potential ‘influencer’ in the network.

Another case is the so-called ‘VlogBrothers’ with a whopping 1,430 videos uploaded to YouTube, and I invite you to visit them YouTube channel.

What if we talk about an e-commerce? How can I implement a vlog to the benefit of my online store? Nice, it is well known that people prefer to see comparatively to read. If we talk about consumers, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video or story! Like a good TV advertising, if you show a good video, you’re likely to buy it, even if you do not need it. Hence the importance of having a ‘vlog’ on the network.

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Be a Vlogger

If you have been bitten by the curiosity bug about ‘vlogging’ and want to take a step further, here are some easy steps to become a ‘vlogger’:

Use YouTube as a platform for your vlog and give your channel an attractive name. Although you do not need a specific theme, you must be unique and true to yourself. Do not be an imitator, do not do what others do.

The most basic: Upload videos that you think may be interesting for users. I insist that not everyone has to deal with the same subject, but if you must care that they are original, not boring and much less insulting. It is not so much that your videos become viral, as if your name and your YouTube channel.

It remains active, no one will be interested if you do not upload videos for months.

Edit them in such a way that they become your seal of identity.

Communicate with your subscribers, this way you involve your followers in addition to influencing and installing some of your ideas (or your products) into them. Take some time to respond to the comments, messages and responses your videos receive. Your followers will thank you and your online reputation too.

How to be a Successful Vlogger?

I review a couple of videos and I realize that in the world there are vloggers for all tastes. The notes that the girl – who is not so much – has more followers than Taylor Swift because since 2010 captivates adolescents with the diversity of their videos, which covers topics ranging from make-up to contingent, Like the most recent one in which it performs a competition to recognize Christmas songs with another vlogger… for more than 20 minutes! What are the reasons that lead to a vlogger? What are the tips for success? Accompany me.

The first thing is to segment the audience according to the language you are going to use. In the case of Zoella, she chose the adolescent public and, according to the same note mentioned above, she has done such a good job that she rubs shoulders with idols of the music of this segment as if she were part of them, without being a singer or actress. He has taken care of the form and has been concerned about the interests of the target audience.

The Correct and Proper Language

According to the above, choosing codes that are according to the target group seems, but it is one of the most important factors to establish a good communication. In addition, the language must be own and recognizable, with some hitch that does not have any other similar vlogger.

Mix of Humor and Seriousness

Those who follow a vlogger, expect to spend a good time by dedicating a few minutes to their “creation”, but also need to feel interpreted by issues of importance related to contingent issues. Vloggers like the Colombian Juan Pablo Jaramillo, who has just confessed his homosexuality and analyzed the topic with enough depth in a video or the Chilean-German Garamendi, who in the middle of humor often drop ideas that border the sociological analysis of people, often have More successful than those who just try basic humor.

Observation of Reality

It is not easy to get weekly themes to captivate an audience eager to find something new on the net (and openly criticize when the video does not seem attractive), then the vlogger should be an excellent observer of reality, crumple situations, and ideas and give them A second look, to be able to insert them in its creation, in such a way that it fulfills not only the expectations of its followers but also reinforces the initial plan of positioning of its own project.

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